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Consulting Engineering


Consulting Engineering is the backbone of General Engineering Company.

Throughout our 100+ year history, we have provided quality, professional services built around consulting engineering.

We always work to maintain our client’s best interests and provide exceptional service to a wide variety of municipal and private clients. GEC’s professional and engineering staff are trained in a variety of fields, including municipal, environmental and wastewater engineering, stormwater management, erosion control, site planning and private development coordination. Along with our engineering staff, GEC employs numerous specialists and experts to assist our clients with their specific needs. These specialties include building inspection, structural engineering, land surveying, grants and funding, environmental testing and reporting, cross connection control and GIS.

General Engineering Company offers our municipal engineering clients a comprehensive array of services designed to keep your municipality running smoothly. From infrastructure and building design to zoning ordinances and comprehensive plans, we have expert staff available to assist you.

We have found over the years working for Cities, Villages and Towns that Trust is key to the relationships we develop and the services we provide. As councils, boards and committees change over time, communities rely on the stability of our service.

Our experience and expertise is constantly expanding to provide a broad base of knowledge, keeping our clients up to speed with changing codes, legislation and funding opportunities. GEC’s base engineering services are supplemented through our municipal building inspection, cross connection control and grants & funding department’s involvement.

Although many “utility” projects seem routine, we know every project has a uniqueness and must be approached from that basis. Our ability to approach and work with the public is our strength. We look forward to the challenges that “routine” projects bring.

General Engineering Company offers numerous services to our private development clients. Our experienced staff of professional engineers will walk you through every step of the development process that can include initial concept plans to permit approvals to final construction.

The experience our GEC Staff holds is reflected in our wide array of projects and spreads across many industries such as tourism (resorts and waterparks), education, sports facilities, large and small retail, convenience stores and fueling stations, restaurants and office buildings.

As every client and situation is unique, so is our method in customizing our approach to each project. We work diligently to provide excellent customer service, incorporate value engineering principles and provide attention to detail that exceeds our client’s expectations.

Whether you come with completed plans ready to build or are still forming your concept, we will be there for you every step of the way.