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Land Surveying


Land Surveying has always been an integral part of General Engineering Company’s repertoire. Our surveyor and field crew members provide a unique client benefit by ensuring all survey work meets the GEC standard of excellence.

GEC’s land surveying services strengthens our engineering services by assuring all data collected is complete and easily accessible to our technical staff. Our staff assist on many civil engineering projects, consult on land acquisition efforts for municipalities, write easements for municipal utilities, and prepare plats and CSMs for public and private clients.

In the spring of 2021 GEC acquired Green Lake Surveying to enhance and expand our Land Surveying team. Professional Land Surveyor, Don Lenz, and Office Manager, Jeanne Lenz, continue to serve clients in the greater Green Lake area and work closely with the rest of GEC’s surveying team.

It depends largely on what type of survey you are requiring and where it is located. Cost also will depend on if the property is large or small, wooded or marshy, contains ponds, hills or steep elevation to navigate.
Often, time is of the essence with land surveying, and we strive to serve clients in a timely manner but many factors can affect how quickly we can complete a survey. Once we receive a signed contract, our staff will give you an anticipated date, but keeping in mind our timeline shifts because of unknown factors with projects ahead of yours and of course weather.
Depending on the complexity and timeline of a project there may be a required deposit, but generally work is paid for when you receive the completed map.