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Markesan WWTF Upgrades

The City of Markesan WWTF (Wastewater Treatment Facility) upgraded their treatment process and equipment.

The upgrades were necessary to consistently satisfy Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources phosphorus regulations, repair and replace existing equipment, and increase the energy efficiency of the facility. The added new equipment, such as variable frequency drives (VFDs), will reduce energy usage and save tens of thousands per year.

The current Markesan WWTF began operation in November of 1983. The existing equipment has run continuously for the past 36 years. Plant operators opted to utilize a new Bio-P process to reduce phosphorus levels in the effluent (outgoing) water as well as eliminate a chemical use in the process. This new process is more environmentally friendly and cost effective, as no additional chemicals will be added to the system. The sludge can be applied to agricultural farmland for fertilizer and soil conditioning and should increase by over 5,000 lbs./year.

In addition to increased energy efficiency, the Markesan WWTF also incorporated a new hauled-waste dump station with a pretreatment tank to store and dose hauled wastewater. This aspect of the WWTF upgrade will allow the City to increase their revenue by accepting more high-strength, industrial wastewater as well as holding tank waste. This revenue will be used to offset the cost of the wastewater treatment facility upgrades.

General Engineering Company assisted the City of Markesan with the original design of the treatment facility in the early 1980’s as well as these current upgrades. The project was completed with the assistance of a loan and principal forgiveness from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ Clean Water Fund Loan Program.

Services Provided:

Consulting Engineering

Professional Services

Wastewater Design & Analysis

Project Location:
Markesan, WI