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December 14, 2012

Portage Community Center Seeking Input

Project News

PORTAGE, WI – On Thursday evening, a presentation was held at the Portage Public Library by Jason Jackson, General Engineering Company (GEC) and Kyle Dumbleton, Midwest Modern that outlined plans for the Portage Area Community Center.

The proposed 100,000 square foot Area Community Center will serve all ages and interest groups throughout Columbia County and also additional communities within a 20 mile radius. The proposed facility will provide spaces accommodating educational gatherings, sporting activities, corporate events, and more.

In 2010, Community Comprehension Plans were developed for each municipality and many of these plans identified a strong need for the type of activities this facility plans to offer. As time has progressed, these identified needs have yet to be addressed, while community interest in fulfilling these needs increases. The quality of life aspect is the prime reason for developing the Area Community Center at this time.

“Currently, the project is in its early stages of development. So far, multiple meetings have been conducted with User Groups from surrounding areas to specifically identify the needs of each group,” says Steering Committee.

To meet the needs of the user groups, Midwest Modern and General Engineering Company designed the community center in a way that would improve the quality of life by providing amenities that would suit the needs of its everyday visitors. To facilitate this idea, the main level of the community center would feature a multi-use theater space that would house seminars, small productions, educational assemblies, and much more.

In addition to the main level, the center would also encompass an upscale restaurant, which would cater to formal company gatherings, holiday parties, banquets, etc. The second level of the facility would house an elevated walking track, a gymnastics space, and a reception hall. To complete the center, the design team included lower level indoor multi-use courts for soccer, basketball, football, as well as racquetball, archery, locker room space, and a swimming pool.

“At this time, the Steering Committee is looking for community leaders and decision makers to serve on the Interim Board to aid in guidance of this project. The role of the Interim Boards is to help further develop the business plan and feasibility study for the Portage Area Community Center,” said the Steering Committee. Once the Interim Board is established, the board will begin to review final uses and building layout, funding, and then establish project timelines.

For more information on the Portage Area Community Center or for those interested in serving on the Portage Area Community Center Interim Board, interested parties should visit Periodic updates are made regularly to the site, and visitors are encouraged to check back frequently.

Please also see the article in the Portage Daily Register.

Proposed Portage Community Center 3D Renderings

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