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May 16, 2013

Town of Vienna Groundbreaking Event

Project News

PORTAGE, WI – On Monday, April 15, 2013, Town of Vienna community members and supporters gathered at the future home of its new Town Hall/Shop project for a groundbreaking ceremony.

“Well before GEC became involved with the Town Hall project, community members and Town Officials had already been planning a project. However, the original project couldn’t make it past the planning phase. Assisting the town in clearing the hurdle and seeing the project come to fruition was an extremely rewarding process for the Town and GEC,” says Jason Jackson, GEC Project Coordinator.

When completed, the new 7,655 square foot facility will include meeting rooms, staff offices, fire rated file storage, storage mezzanine, kitchen and breakroom, restrooms, and multiple equipment bays. The new home of the Town Hall/Shop will be located at its current address of 7161 County Highway I, in the Town of Vienna/DeForest. Construction began at the end of April and a completion date is set for November 2013.

Town of Vienna GroundbreakingPictured in photo: (Back row, left to right): Greg Smithback, Plan Commissioner, Jeff Freppon, Town Board Supervisor, Gary Endres, Town Board Supervisor, Brad Schroeder, President of DMB Community Bank, Dave Ripp, Town Board Supervisor, Jerry Foellmi, President of General Engineering Company, Brent Stuhley, Loan Officer of DMB Community Bank.

(Front row left to right): Shawn Haney, Vienna Town Clerk, Lonnie Breggeman, Town of Vienna Chairman, Nicole Roessler, Town of Vienna Treasurer, Jason Jackson Project Manager at General Engineering Comapny, and Stan Phillips, Town Resident.