Cross Connection Control

General Engineering Company provides complete Cross Connection Control services. Cross connection occurs when a pipe designed to carry safe (potable) drinking water is connected at some point to a pipe containing unsafe (non-potable) water or other liquid material. The non-potable water or liquid has the potential to siphon, or backflow into the potable system, causing a threat for contamination.

Cross Connection ControlA cross connection situation can happen in most any residential setting. It can be caused by the following typical instances:

·Having a hose that is submerged in a pool.
·A carwash bucket, bathtub, or laundry sink with a hose submerged or near the drain.
·A pesticide sprayer connected to a garden hose.

To help prevent cross connections, Federal and State Laws require all water utilities to establish and implement cross connection control programs. These cross connection control programs were developed by the government to ensure clean and safe drinking water for people. Local ordinances have been adopted giving the Utility the authority to inspect all water customers and advise corrective actions for any cross connections found.

Cross Connection Control Services Include:

  • Consultant to the Water Utility for Cross Connection Control.
  • Residential and commercial inspections for Cross Connection Control.
  • Survey and procedures
  • Plan review
  • Education and training on Cross Connection Control