Asbestos Inspection

Asbestos identification and removal is a serious concern for contractors as well as building owners. Failure to follow state and federal regulations can result in fines and possible work stoppage, which can be costly as well as time consuming. All commercial demolition/renovation projects are required by DNR regulations to be inspected/tested for asbestos. A complete listing of DNR regulations concerning asbestos inspection requirements can be found at the DNR’s asbestos program website.

Magnified Asbestos SampleGeneral Engineering Company offers:

  • State Certified Inspectors
  • Residential Inspections
  • Commercial Inspections
  • Renovation/Demolition Inspections
  • Fire Burn Inspections
  • NIOSH 582 Equivalent Air Sampling and Analysis (following abatement)

Some examples of material that may contain asbestos are:

  • Window Caulking
  • Ceramic Floor Tile
  • Vinyl Floor Tile
  • Pipe Insulation
  • Transite Siding
  • Vermiculite Insulation

Adobe PDF List of Possible Asbestos-Containing Materials

Frequently Asked Asbestos Inspection Questions

Q: Do I need an Asbestos Inspection?
A: All commercial buildings must be inspected for Asbestos-Containing Materials prior to any renovations/demolitions or fire burns of these buildings. Single Family Homes generally are not required by the State of Wisconsin to obtain an asbestos inspection; however, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources does require proof that all Asbestos Containing Material was removed from residential property prior to any renovation/demolition or fire burn.

Q: How do I know if I have Asbestos-Containing Material in my home?
The only way to know for sure if you have Asbestos-Containing Material in your home is to have your home inspected and tested by a Certified Asbestos Inspector. Under most circumstances, asbestos is not harmful unless it is disturbed or becomes airborne, such as during remodeling, renovations, or a fire burn.

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