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October 20, 2015

Onalaska Bridge Upgrades

Project News

TOWN OF ONALASKA, WI - After working with the Town of Onalaska for several years on various zoning issues, the Town requested further assistance from General Engineering Company (GEC) regarding several small bridges that needed inspecting. Four of these small bridges had significant deterioration and were found to be structurally unsound. Three roads had load restrictions for equipment, as the bridges were deteriorated to the point where it was no longer safe for large loads to cross. GEC engineers offered cost effective solutions that would meet the structural and transportation demands and promote growth in the area.

Two of the bridges needed to be completed replaced. Large aluminum culverts were fabricated on site, lowered in to place, and bedded with a concrete-based flowable fill. The road section above the culvert was widened, paved, and new guardrails were installed. These bridge/culverts have greatly improved the two roads where they were installed. Both roadways are now wider and safer for vehicles. The load restrictions have been lifted due to the rehabilitation of the roadway.

The other two bridges did not require as intensive reconstruction as the first two and are still be completed. In once case, culvert end sections will be installed to offer better stream flow characteristics through the existing culvert. In the case of the fourth road, the severely deteriorated structural beams will be replaced as well as the guardrails.

With increased development in its rural areas, combined with increased traffic and load weights, the Town of Onalaska viewed this project as a necessity to sustain its infrastructure. General Engineering Company appreciates partnering with the Town to create sustainable, affordable and sound engineering alternatives for this project to nurture further growth in this community.

Onalaska Bridge Upgrades - Sweden Coulee Road

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