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September 1, 2023

Land of Natura: Wisconsin Dells’ Newest Natural Haven

Project News

The natural beauty of Wisconsin is truly remarkable, but the Wisconsin Dells landscape stands out as a must-see experience. When the Makowski brothers acquired over 100 acres near the Wisconsin River, they saw the opportunity to create a natural escape within the City of Wisconsin Dells. They named this haven “Land of Natura,” drawing from the Polish word “natura,” which means “nature.” General Engineering Company (GEC) was entrusted with assisting the Makowski’s on this multi-phase project. The initial phase, encompassing approximately 40 acres, focused on creating Lake Wisconsin Dells. A notable aspect of Phase I was the excavation of a 4-acre lake. To manage the excess dirt and rock, a “mountain” structure, known as Mt. Natura, was constructed, reaching over 60 feet in height. During the summer months, Mt. Natura serves as a platform for slides, adding to the recreational appeal of the area. Lake Wisconsin Dells is distinguished by its natural filtration system. Water is pumped up through the bottom of the filter pond, passing through milk crate-like structures filled with rock, before returning to the lake, effectively naturally filtering the water. Visitors to the Land of Natura can indulge in various natural attractions, including Lake Wisconsin Dells. The lake hosts the world’s largest inflatable Wibit course, provided by a company specializing in floating water parks. Additionally, the Aquatica Region features north and south sand beaches, the picturesque Crystal Cascades waterfall, Fish Hook island, a snorkeling cavern, a cafeteria-style restaurant and bar, and numerous shoreline courts for sand volleyball and other recreational activities. Additionally, guests can explore other areas of the property including sandstone rock outcroppings, a 1,000-foot-long treetop walkway, and over 2,000 feet of private beach along the Wisconsin River. As subsequent phases unfold, GEC remains dedicated to providing ongoing support and services throughout the development process.