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October 26, 2011

Easter Seals Camp Wawbeek Boardwalk Project Complete

Community Involvement

Wheelchair Accessible Boardwalk Can Take Campers to New Places

WISCONSIN DELLS, WI – Easter Seals Camp Wawbeek boardwalk project is now complete for campers and visitors to tour.

The newly constructed boardwalk, which includes a fire pit, is wheelchair accessible for campers and visitors. Before the boardwalk was constructed, campers who require wheelchairs could not access this scenic area of the Wawbeek woods. Asphalt trails were constructed over the years, but they didn’t extend into the remote parts of the woods.  The new boardwalk offers individuals with physical disabilities the chance to venture deep into the woods and experience nature up close.

“It was a dream for almost 20 years,” says Ken Saville, Vice-President of Easter Seals Wisconsin. Saville had initially sought to lay 4’x4’ wood boards on a dirt path to construct a wheelchair accessible trail. That is until Brian Schuetz, Director of Marketing and Communications at Easter Seals decided to reach out to long-time friends and avid supporters of Camp Wawbeek, General Engineering Company (GEC) of Portage, WI.

Saville described the most exciting part of the whole project was, “just getting it started.” He explained that Kent Fish, Vice-President of General Engineering Company, “stepped up and made it a solid project.” Fish and many other employees of GEC volunteered their time and skills each weekend to complete the project.

The boardwalk is over 720 feet long, totaling over $20,000 in materials. These supplies were donated on behalf of AmeriCorps, Circle K, Push America, and private donations.

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Camp Wawbeek is nestled in the wooded hills of Wisconsin Dells, WI. The camp features all the traditional activities of a summer camp, while serving people with physical disabilities. It is a coed camp for ages 7-90 and it provides exceptional care by well-trained staff. Individuals who are interested in learning more about Camp Wawbeek and volunteer opportunities, can contact Ken Saville at (608) 277-8288 x 108 or by e-mail at