Waterslide InspectionAt General Engineering Company, we always keep our clients best interest in mind and work to keep them informed of industry issues that may affect them. 

In 2008, the State of Wisconsin began requiring waterslide inspections, at a minimum, every five (5) years with the first inspection required by February 1, 2013. As the five-year deadline again approaches on February 1, 2018 (for those that had an inspection in 2013), we want to ensure that our clients are prepared and meet State requirements.

Because waterslides are required to be operational for inspections (meaning outdoor inspections need to take place in the warmer months if 2017), we recommend that you contact us today to book your inspection. We will work to make any disruption to your normal operation minimal, if at all.

If you own a waterslide that is approaching five (5) years old, or older, and have never had an inspection, we also encourage you to contact us today to book your inspection.


FAQ's Answered by the Pros

What qualifies as a waterslide?
Per the State of Wisconsin, a waterslide is "a slide where a water flow of 100 gallons of water per minutes or more is intended to carry a rider down a flume."

How often do I need a waterslide inspection?
Every five (5) years "all waterslides shall be evaluated by an engineer for the structural stability and integrity of the slide and platform. A copy of a report signed by the engineer shall be kept on site as pursuant to s. ATCP 76.32."

When is the best time to schedule an inspection?
Waterslides need to be in operation to be inspected. Depending on your operating schedule, we may only be able to conduct your inspection during the summer months. Our schedule can book fast, so we suggest booking your inspection sooner rather than later.