PORTAGE, WI – Over the course of the past year, General Engineering Company (GEC) has released quarterly articles highlighting significant achievements, revolutionary technologies, and noteworthy milestones. With 2012 coming to an end, the firm is releasing its fourth and final story covering the 1990’s era through today.

The 1990’s kicked-off with many important highlights. During this era, Ronald J. Steiner became President of the firm and began to expand the firm’s capabilities to a market that was experiencing rapid growth, private development. This market included subdivision developments, condominiums, and site planning for many commercial businesses. Also during this time, a young gentleman by the name of Jerry A. Foellmi, (joined as a principal in 1988) was diligently leading GEC in municipal engineering and consulting.

With the smooth progression of municipal engineering and consulting, it was clear that Foellmi was on the path for future presidency. This decade also brought Kent E. Fish, PE, to General Engineering Company. Mr. Fish has a Master’s Degree in Structural Engineering and enhanced the building design and structural inspection components of the company with his additional background in construction.

In the late 90’s, something iconic happened for not only GEC, but for many surrounding cities, towns, and villages that would benefit them significantly. In 1998, GEC began its building inspection division. This service assists municipalities by providing professional and high-quality building inspection services on a contract basis.  What first began with a handful of local communities has now expanded into over 150 communities in which GEC provides building inspection services. The Building Inspection Department is led by Mark E. Jankowski, Building Inspector Director. Mr. Jankowski, an integral part of the department and local community figure in Portage for over 30 years, has been with the Building Inspection Division since it began in 1998.

In 2000, Jerry A. Foellmi began his tenure as president at General Engineering Company. At the time, Mr. Foellmi had over 20 years of experience at the firm and was ready to apply his leadership and knowledge to the role. In 2006, GEC made the decision to enrich the firm’s existing surveying capabilities by acquiring Carlson Surveying (Mark C. Carlson, PE, RLS). Mr. Carlson has been providing professional surveying services for the Sauk, Columbia, Juneau, and Adams Counties area for over 25 years. Mark brings an intimate knowledge of the local area to GEC, as well as historical property information.

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While the firm was adding new services in 2006, it was also being enriched through expanded leadership roles by Robert J. Roth and Bradley R. Boettcher, who were strengthening the firm in the direction of municipal and private consulting services. Two years later, in 2008, the firm acquired a new set of services that was rapidly flourishing as well, environmental consulting with the addition of Lynn Bradley and her 20 years of environmental experience. Through the integration of environmental services, GEC is now able to assist its clients in evaluating environmental hazards and providing guidance in managing environmental projects.

Fast-forward to present day, 2012, and GEC is at it again, assisting its clients with their diverse needs. In July 2012, Chris C. Olson, PE, formally joined General Engineering Company as its Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) Designer with an office located in La Crosse, WI. Olson had been a long-time consultant teaming with GEC over the past 10 years, providing MEP Design services throughout the Midwest region. Today, the Building Design Department is truly a “full package” division, providing all the essential services from start to finish for any building design project.

Today, General Engineering Company continues to provide its clients with a diverse selection of services, including Consulting Engineering, Structural Engineering, Surveying, Building Inspection, Building Design, Environmental Services, Zoning Administration, GIS Services, Cross-Connection Control, Grant Procurement & Administration, and Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Design Services. With offices located in Portage, La Crosse, and Black River Falls, we can help! If you are in need of professional consulting or just need some direction and recommendations, give us a call at (608) 742-2169.