PORTAGE, WI – During the midst of celebrating its historic 100 year anniversary, General Engineering Company (GEC) continues to shine the spotlight on its longevity, tradition, and innovation during the release of its third quarterly article.

The 1970’s era brought on many new undertakings for the firm. In particular, this era afforded the staff of GEC to become heavily absorbed in civil engineering projects such as sewer and water planning, wastewater treatment facility planning and design, subdivision development, and municipal building design. Familiar building design projects from this period would include St. Gabriel’s Church renovation (Randolph), Portage VFW Hall addition (Portage), Municipal Building addition (Village of McFarland), Village Hall and Fire Station (Doylestown), and many more.

The Building Design Division at General Engineering Company continues to offer similar services as it did in the 1970’s; however, GEC has integrated new technologies into its services such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), Sustainable Design, and 3-Dimensional Digital Renderings. These additional services ensure GEC’s Building Design Division remains on the cutting edge of technology and design.

Similarly, like today, GEC also continued to build its relationship with upper Midwest clients. The firm had acquired new clientele not only in the State of Wisconsin, but in numerous new communities throughout the Midwest region. GEC continued providing engineering services ranging from bridge replacements to watermain extension projects in all different regions, including the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

It was a time of economic expansion in both private and municipal based clients during the 1980’s era. The company’s growth persisted due to the continuing need of GEC’s civil and architectural expertise. General Engineering Company continued building design services that included municipal building designs, redevelopment projects, shopping centers, libraries, assisted living centers, banks, and post offices. In addition to building design, this time period had also brought on large water and wastewater facility projects in the private and municipal sector. One of the largest wastewater treatment facilities that GEC had developed was the West Iron County Sewer Authority Wastewater Treatment facility that served five communities in the Iron River/ U.P. Michigan region.

As GEC progresses forward and welcomes new and innovative capabilities to its clients, the firm continues to provide its traditional engineering and consulting services very much as it did 100 years ago, by retaining its core values and maintaining its service philosophy, “Dedicated to Serving the Best Interests of Our Clients with Enthusiasm, Professionalism, and Demonstrated Excellence since 1912.”

Cochran Court Redevelopment was completed in Portage, WI during the 1980's

Pictured in photo: The Cochran Court Redevelopment project that GEC completed during the 1980’s. This was just one of many building design projects that the firm designed during this era.