Zoning Administration

Town of Delton Zoning Map - Zoning AdministrationGeneral Engineering Company offers Zoning Administration services through our Engineering and Building Inspection Divisions. We bring a fair and reasonable approach and have professional, qualified staff available to assist you.

The zoning administration services of GEC can help your community through complex zoning issues and enforcement of local rules and regulations. We bring specific experience in town, village, and city zoning and are currently serving many municipalities in delivering quality zoning administration services.

Specific Zoning Administration Services Include:

  • Revising Zoning Codes
  • Updating Zoning Maps
  • Generating Conditional Use Permit & Variance Reports
  • Advising a Zoning Board of Appeals, Plan Commission, or Board/Council
  • Conducting Zoning Inspections as Authorized
  • Creating Overlay Districts
  • Providing Guidance on Sign Codes & Sign Code Administration
  • Comprehensive Planning Updates or Amendments