GIS Services

At General Engineering Company, we recognize that everyone expects and relies on instant access to data and knowledge that would have been difficult or impossible to find previously. Our Geographic Information System or GIS service facilitates easy access to a variety of data for personnel, administrators, and the general public. We offer GIS services to directly benefit our clients as they plan, generate, and implement GIS moving forward.

City of Portage GIS - GIS ServicesCost effective GIS service is what we offer, along with expert technical guidance and practical recommendations. You are directly involved in our implementation and administration so we ensure you are in full control of your GIS system. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your GIS needs and tailor a plan for you.

Benefits of GEC GIS Services:

  • Flexible Software Platform
  • Autodesk Mapguide Enterprise
  • Map Accessibility via Web Browsers
  • No Hardware and Software Investment Necessary
  • Actual GIS Data is Your Only Cost
  • Industry Standard Format
  • Cross-Platform Capable

Examples of our GIS capabilities can be found by clicking the attached link: