Municipal Engineering

Poynette Wastewater Treatment Plant - Municipal EngineeringGeneral Engineering Company offers our municipal engineering clients a comprehensive array of services designed to keep your municipality running smoothly. From infrastructure and building design to zoning ordinances and comprehensive plans, we have the knowledgeable staff available to assist you.

We have found over the years working for Cities Villages and Towns that Trust is key to the relationships we develop and the services we provide. As councils, boards and committees change over time, communities rely on our stability of service.

Our experience and expertise is constantly expanding to provide our municipal clients a broad base of knowledge, keeping them up to speed with changing codes, legislation and funding opportunities. GEC’s base engineering services are supplemented through our municipal building inspection, cross connection control and grants & funding department’s involvement.

Although many “utility” projects seem routine, we know every project has a uniqueness and must be approached from that basis. Our ability to approach and work with the public is our strength. We look forward to the challenges that “routine” projects bring.

Street & Utility Rehabilitation - Municipal EngineeringMunicipal Engineering Services Include:

  • General Municipal Infrastructure
  • Wastewater Systems
  • Water Systems
  • Hydrology Systems
  • Municipal Buildings
  • Grants & Funding
  • Cross Connection Analysis
  • Dam Facilities
  • Structural Investigations
  • Construction Staking
  • Construction Management & Inspection