General Engineering is seeking an experienced Bookkeeper or Accountant that will maintain all financial and employee records for all divisions of General Engineering Company (GEC) and Affiliated Companies.  The responsibilities of this position include all routine and advanced functions associated with processing payroll, billings, accounts receivable, accounts payable, profit/loss and employee benefits.  Most work is performed under minimal supervision but requires frequent contact and efficient communication with the management team.

Responsibilities & Duties:

  • Process the weekly submitted employee timesheets and expenses.
  • Compute, process and issue employee payroll and statements of earnings and deductions.
  • Process and issue accounts payable checks and tax deposits accordingly.
  • Coordination of, with input from the Board of Directors, the administration of benefits such as health insurance, simple IRA and disability.
  • Coordinate the company’s Business and Professional Liability Insurance Coverage
  • Maintain table of accounts, ledgers and registers; post payables and receivables for individual funds, and compute and verify balances.
  • Monthly meeting with PM’s to review project invoices prior to issuing invoices prior to issuing final invoices to clients, WIP/AR progress and other project related accounting.
  • Maintain and monitor office equipment and cellular agreements and rentals.
  • Prepare, maintain and submit various periodic financial reports/spreadsheets to the management team for review at monthly Board of Director meetings.
  • Attend monthly Board of Director meetings to present monthly/yearly financial metrics.
  • Make bank deposits as necessary.
  • Monitor and reconcile any draws on company credit line.
  • Monitor checkbook balances and monthly bank statements for all divisions of the company.
  • Record all incoming checks/deposits and enter all necessary information into the designated accounting system. (currently Ajera)
  • Submit profit/loss statements to Corporate Accountant on a quarterly basis for analysis; make adjustments to the GEC journal entries as directed by the Corporate Accountant.
  • Process and submit quarterly 941, SUTA and FUTA payroll tax reports, and Wisconsin Sales & Use Tax reports.
  • Process W-2 Reports for employees, Federal/State Government, Social Security Administration and 1099 Forms annually as required.
  • Set up new employee accounts and maintain employee records as necessary.
  • Assist the management team with the development, maintenance and analysis of budgets.
  • Assist clients with questions regarding their invoices as necessary

Supervisory Responsibilities:  Coordinate with staff members and the management team for the completion of all bookkeeping, accounting and employee benefits activities.


  • Education and/or Experience: Minimum two-year administrative or accounting degree with 3-5 years of professional experience preferred.
  • Engineering:  Basic understanding of engineering services, procedures and/or terminology beneficial but not necessary.
  • Accounting/Human Resources:  Knowledge of accounting principles and practices, the financial markets, banking and the analysis and reporting of financial data; advanced understanding of HR employment laws and regulations.
  • Technology:  Proficient use of Microsoft Office software and Accounting Systems (Such as Quickbooks and/or Ajera).   Moderate familiarity with engineering-related, accounting/project management software preferred.
  • Comprehension:  Skills associated with active listening, reading, critical thinking and disciplined application of the in-house bookkeeping standards.  Basic understanding of the billing processes for engineering-related projects.
  • Presentation:  Ability to plan and present related accounting and employee benefits information to fellow staff members and the management team with clear delivery and factual representation.
  • Time Management:  Ability to manage one’s own time, multi-task, and prioritize while working under pressure.  Ability to coordinate and instruct a team to accomplish tasks for deadlines.

    Interested parties should send a resume and a cover letter to:
    General Engineering Company
    Attn: Human Resources
    P.O. Box 340
    Portage, WI 53901
    or e-mail to

    General Engineering Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer.